For Madmen Only

by Hairy Holler

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Just another wolf on the stairs A split soul, man and beast The one with all the bourgeois cares Scolds the other when it feasts A curse, a spell, I just can’t tell Which I’m supposed to be Oh Mad-moiselle, I’d dance through Hell If you think that it would cure me Oh you poor old Steppenwolf Making songs of your sufferings The troubles you let engulf Are self inflicted offerings Dually torn? Check the facts It’s all there in the treatise Lycanthropic schizo-Man-I-acks You Mad enough for me? The Magic Theatre’s entrance Is not for everybody Your mind’s the price of admittance Don’t bring your personality The writing on the wall is clear It reads “For Madmen Only” And when for you the door appears You’ll see what it has shown me
Toast 05:06
Here’s to the poor table and the portable homes Here’s to an old fable forgot and unknown Here’s to the train tramps where ever they roam And to the light of the street lamps and all their glow’s shown To those in a mass that sit on their own And To those who hurl glass in a house made of stone Here’s to a king that’s been thrown from his throne And to those who would sing instead of grumble and groan  (chorus) To the wolves in the hills and the lovers in our beds The rats on our shoulders, the dreams in our heads May our hearts all stay hungry, every belly stay fed May our glasses never empty when we drink to the dead To those that seek currency on current seas who say That currently the lottery’s won by only those who play Here’s to future hopes, past regrets and the presents (presence) of today Here’s to coffee and cigarettes and every other meal of a stray Here’s to all the critters that lay sleeping beside the highway To the will-o the weeping in an embrace of limbs that sway To the rolling rumble of thunder and the lightning’s display To the cunning of the hunter and the prayers of it’s prey (chorus) To the twists and the turns that life seems to throw And All you can learn from a rapid river’s flow To the teeter and the totter and all those who know To go walking on water all you need is some snow Here’s to manageable tangents with a friend or a foe And the tangible managements of eeny meeny miny moe To anyone who’d free a Tiger caught by it’s toe And to all those who agree with the murder of Crows
Row 05:06
Well the sea’s been rough, and times have been tough And waves of waves keep crashing hard These storms that whip and shake our ship Wont break this crew of bards If the masts should bend, we’ll make haste and mend And keep this vessel strong If the sails should sag, we’ll just hoist that flag and together sing the song (chours) Blow wind, blow, it don’t matter where we go If the wine it flows and the fire grows we’ll make it through I know So row boys, row, anywhere we may go If the wine it flows and the fire grows We’ll make it through I know, I know In the distance we hear, a sound so clear As the beautiful Sirens sing A warning to all, beware their call For death is all that it will bring The sea will swallow any man that follows The Sirens tempting song So plug your ears and of the cliffs steer clear And everyone, come on, sing along (chorus) Well I can’t count the days and it’s still a ways Till we reach some solid ground And with the anchor lost, we’ll keep our fingers crossed Cos now there aint no slowing down If the hull should bust and the rudders rust No there aint no use in crying As the ship she sinks, we’ll have another drink And sing it one more time (chorus)
Fascists 03:10
I’m gunna tell all you fascist, yes, you will be surprised The people of the world are getting organized You’re bound lose, all you Fascists you’re bound to lose Your hatred it cannot stop us, this one thing we know Your racism, your homophobia, your ignorance has got to go You’re bound to lose, all you Fascists are bound to lose (chorus) That’s right you Fascists, you’re bound to lose Oh you Fascists, you’re bound to lose Yes you, you Fascists, you’re bound to lose You fucking Fascists, you’re bound to lose Well I’m going into battle, yes I got my Granddad’s gun I’m gunna end this world of all this bullshit before the battles won You’re bound to lose, all you Fascists are bound to lose Now There’s people of every kind, they’re marching side by side Oh yes, they’re marching ‘cross the fields where a million Fascists died You’re bound to lose, all you Fascists are bound to lose (chorus)
Overdwell 06:24
Unmade existence today Stepped outside time and pressed rewind Paralyzed by overdwell Got lost in the wall, couldn’t hold my mind (chorus) How did I get here, how do I always forget Trace back over my steps, I haven’t found it yet Round and round they go, in such a chaotic mess Chasing hot on the trail of the last mind caress I watched with open eyes As the sands of time blew by and emptied my head Tried to grip the story, tried to comprehend the end Empty sockets just begging to be fed (chorus) I took the eight and I turned it on it’s side Then went and ate from both it’s sides Always sitting on the gate, never liked to chose a side Took a slice of fate and served it on the side (chorus)
Dragons 06:27
Well I’ve been alone for far too long And I can’t recall the last time my eyes touched dawn Everything that I have ever loved is gone And it’s made up my mind and now I’m moving on (chorus) Here comes the pain, here comes my reign I will destroy all that you love Here comes the pain, here comes my reign I will destroy all that you love All that you love, all that you love I will destroy These cave walls have been a blanket of security Cradling my emptiness for centuries Yes cos you, you are the slayer, it is written in your ancestry It is your hands that are soaked in the blood of my family (chorus) It is time to spread my wings and fly again You can’t deny me of filling my belly to the brim with revenge I will be every shadow hanging o’er your head This will be a war you will regret you started (chorus) Cos you, you have destroyed All that I love
Oooh, Lord I’m telling you Oooh, about those quicksand blues Oooh, The hardest thing I ever had to do Oooh, was saying goodbye to you Oooh, you’ve got me howling at the moon Oooh, about those quicksand blues
Looks like the Wolf has got the best of me again Will nothing connected to my heart ever be able to escape him I’m sorry that you felt his teeth and how deep they sunk in I guess I’ve always just had a weakness for the pleasures of the skin I can’t seem to fight this urge to wander, ramble and roam The need to hunt, the thrill of the kill, will leave me all alone Now I’m feeling like a lost old dog that just followed you home Waiting outside your door, with hungry eyes, just begging for a bone (chorus) I keep sinking, farther thinking About those words that you said The more I struggle, the deeper I get As the quicksand fills my head
Tick Talk 05:21
Time is a Tick that crawled into my brain All day long I hear the Tick talk, hear The Tick talk, driving me insane She’d say things like “hurry up”, “figure it out”, “you’re moving too slow” Oh how I just wish that Time would run out Or leave me alone, shut up a bit Find a new home, slow down and crawl out of the pit in my head Oww my head Now Time is blind and has no ears to hear, But her voice is oh so strong and clear Clear the Tick talks in my ear, clear that she will always be near And this my friends is my greatest, greatest fear The Tick talks way too fast, and I hope that she wont last The Tick just wont let me be, can’t you see that Time is fucking killing me Killing me Now I found some ways of shutting her up, in my tries to make her leave They worked for a while but lately it seems that she’s been coming back Ever so quicker Tried to smoke her out, make her choke, I can’t hear her when I’m high And when I get Wasted, so does Time, the Tick talk gets drowned in liquor She pokes and jabs at me with her little fingers No matter what I do Time she always seems to linger Now I’m sitting here doing everything I can to kill Time Just sitting here a broken man killing my mind Cos’ you never really kill Time, Time kills you No you never really kill Time, Time kills you
Coff n Smoke 05:10
As I was sitting on a stone, drinking a coffee all alone A lovely woman on her own came quickly past me, running home Well I lit myself up a cigarette, pulled it hard and wished we’d met To live a day without regret, is to catch a Crow without a net We’ll then a man gave me quite a look, a glare, or stare, fit for a crook I read his soul, ‘bout a bait-less hook, it was a real nice cover on a shitty Book I looked past my shades, our eyes did meet. Gone in a flash down to his Feet To see the fear is such a treat and it’s days like these, so bitter sweet Cos’ I’m the man you don’t walk near, I threaten all which you hold dear The one you all pretend to fear, to get home quick and far from here Well I sat and pondered on this thought, I sipped and dragged and wiped my snot I couldn’t help but think of rot, but at least my coffee still was hot Then a sight to cause most alarm, a black bird perched upon my arm Although I know he meant no harm, in his beak was the devils charm I smashed the raven with my limb and I snatched the treasure form his brim To say the least it was a sight so grim, poured out my drink and I rolled my rim I got up to leave and I said goodbye, I put my butt out in that dead Ravens eye I trust the coff n’ smoke to tell me no lie, one says I’m a loser and the other I’mma die
Voodoo 05:41
I can throw them bones, to cease your rains Sufferin’ the root? I can ease your pains I know some chants to help you find romance But first you’ve gotta learn to make your skeleton dance So you waited at the Crossroads, but nobody came I got plenty other ways to teach the Devil a name Hounds of Hell been dogging your trail? I got some graveyard dirt, honeymake them chase their tails Who do Hoodoo? Who do Voodoo? You, yes you, that’s you I’ve got mixtures and elixirs, enough to fix you for six years Need monkey fingers or Witch tears?How bout a trick mirror? Trap any Soul that looks near With the turn of a verse, I can make or break any curse And if the Doctor aint in just leave a message with my Hoodoo Nurse
Somebody get me a priest! That is to say, to say the least This beast would make us quite a feast At least it will not taste Like yeast To bread, they raise our dead And in your bed when you lay your head as your mind begins to tread…. Through the shallows and into the deep You creep and creep on through endless sleep Till you find the steep to take the leap For faith(less) People you don’t have nearly enough time on your hands Or dirt for that matter You wash both off in such a Hurry, hurry, scurry, scurry, worry, worry Only about what you can see Ignore the cry, ignore the plea destroy the wise and crush the Free(dom) Tucked into an empty room swept under the cracks with a steel wire broom Free doom passed out a social event as they loom and gloom inside their Tents (tenths) Of thousands of monsters, they’re gathered in force They’re sitting and praying their power form source How now did our souls get so Coarse? (Course) Of the vessel has reached home at last With the wind in the sails no remorse for the mast Mounting the whores with thoughts of the past Mounted on horse the holly spell has been cast The battle’s begun and was won just as Fast(en) The fire, prepare for the meal Bring out the bottles and break all the seals Mount the head on the wall, make a coat form it’s peel While giving thanks as you kneel for the feel of the steel(steal) All that is real and staying true to A de(a)l(inquint) Memory a rethink wont hold The Fink went to town and sold old tolds like a mould Saying drink from my glass, toke the smoke that I rolled whilst putting zinc into golden cups of the Bo(u)ld(ers) From Heaven tumble down on to Hell throwing stones making wishes as I fill up the well The Monks on the far side are ringing the bell Singing feast with us, feast with us, the enemy’s Fell(ow) Would you pour me another pint of ale? “Hell no, Not when the whore’s free, or did the cow kick the pail?” I know no more of the harlot than the sow or the whale but somewhere in Venice a merchant is hot on the trail Of a highbred contraption, crossed with a sieve and a scale And down below all the D-Men are tryna make bail But none but one can redeem them as the gale winds a wail awaiting news from the mail male whilst swinging their Ta(i)l(es) Of the gifted propagated by hogs Out on a limb, stuck in limbo, like a bump on a log And from the smog of the bog, their chants roll in with the fog forwards and backwards !goD liveD as a deviL doG


released August 3, 2017

All Songs Developed by Hairy Holler

Myke Pulito - Vocals/Guitar
Mandy May - Vocals/Washboard/Guitar
Jason Ducey - Drums/Djembe
Seann Battams - Fiddle/Guitar/Drums/Congas/Trombone/Banjo
Seamus Spring - Saxophones/Vocals/Guitar
Jon Sloan - Bass
CAB - Trumpet/Trinkets
With Special Guest
Bruce Mackinnon - Piano/Organ/Clarinet

Recorded live off the floor at Chalet Studio
Produced by Hairy Holler
Engineered & Mixed by Jon Sloan
Studio Assistant Aaron Till
Mastered by Tony Ventura
Cover Art by Shannon Leigh
Booklet Art by Aaron Till
Photography by Conor Gray
Text/Logo Design by Matt Cerovich
Graphic Manipulations by Myke Pulito


all rights reserved



Hairy Holler Oshawa, Ontario

Sleazy Tavern,
Pickpocket Music

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